Machinery and Equipments M&E Valuation Company in India

Infra Bazaar is widely recognized as one of the Premier Valuation Consulting Company in India. We are head quartered in Hyderabad and are associated with certified valuers in all major metro cities of India and we provide our clients with the highest level of service on a nationwide basis.

Machines and Equipments (M&E) comprise a major portion of the Tangible Assets of any Manufacturing Company. But unlike Real Properties M&E Assets are moveable assets and hence it is always necessary to understand the premises of value, which are broadly classified into three categories viz;

The understanding of these different premises considerably impacts the valuation of M&E Assets as the Fair Market Value of an M&E Asset for Removal will be different than its FMV in Continued use (As Installed) OR in Liquidation.

Infra Bazaar has undertaken a large number of valuation assignments to estimate the market value of fixed assets of various companies for different purposes by adopting suitable valuation approach and techniques.

We specialize in valuation of the below mentioned M&E.

Plants & Machineries

Construction Equipments

Commercial Vehicles

Industrial Equipment

From CT Scans and MRIs to Bulldozers, Cranes and Rolling Stock, we appraise a wide variety of different types of equipment. Our services include:

Desk Top


Residual Valuation

Trade-in / Refinance
Residual Valuation

Infrabazaar has been a pioneer in infrastructure industry in India,

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